Tracy Samantha Lord (sdsusie5) wrote in classicstarcafe,
Tracy Samantha Lord

New communities!

Hey everyone-I created 2 new communities for the group. Please join them with your RPG journals:

csc_stills-This is where you can post and share pictures of your RPG "self" and "friends". Remember to keep posts classic film related.

csc_evenings-This is a really fun part of the group. Here you can post each month an "evening" story as your RPG "self" and share if with the community. Members of the community can vote on the posts (ranging from 1-10), and whoeever has the most points and votes with their story wins The Classic Star Cafe Best RPG Evening Story of the Month! Banners will be awarded to the winner and made by geekfreak03, and the winner gets to choose the year in classic film to be discussed in csc_oscars. Winners are also eligible for "King/Queen of RPG" (whoever has the most wins wins this title), along with an RPG "Oscar". Please join and post your story! Remember, only ONE story per month and keep it in your character's perspective, 1st person. Have fun with this!
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