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[The Classic Star Cafe]

The cafe of classic stars

Classic Movie Star RPG
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Welcome to the Classic Star Cafe!

Community header made by geekfreak03. Thanks!

Community Info
This community/group is for all you lovers of classic movie stars. This is a fun RPG where you can choose a classic star you love (as long as it isn't taken by someone else) and portray them through a journal you create (your journal name must somehow tie in with the classic star). With your journal, you can start discussions and other fun games in our other mini communities listed below! We hope you'll have fun with this game (remember, it's just a game folks!) and we hope you'll join in on the fun!

Note: Famous directors and producers (ie Howard Hughes) that had an impact on classic film/classic actors/classic actresses are acceptable to portray!

Please read the following rules for joining in on the fun at The Classic Star Cafe:

1) Post in the community with your claim. Please post by using this form below:

Person you'd like to portray (that isn't already taken):

After you have filled out this form and posted it in the community, you will be notified by a moderator if you have been accepted or not. Once your claim has been accepted, you will be moved to the pending list at csc_pending. After being added to the pending list, you must create a journal within a 2 weeks and post it in the csc_pending community so we can add you to the member list (if you don't make it within 2 weeks, you can and most likely will be taken off the pending list). Once you have been added to the member list and your RPG journal has been approved by a moderator, you are all set to join in on the fun and make sure to introduce yourself in csc_redcarpet!

2)Promoting other communities is only ok in this community, not the others. Also, it must only relate to Classic Hollywood/Film.

3)Keep posts clean and somewhat swear-free (this applies to the communities, not your journals).

4)You must stay somewhat active-if we find out you're not an active member, we will notify you and delete you from the community member list.

5)Your RPG journal must contain an icon of the person you are portraying.

6)Keep your RPG journal updated at least once every month. Also, you must have some good backround information on the person you are portraying-you can't portray someone you know nothing about.

7)Once you have created a journal, you must join all of the other communities tied into the group. You must also post and introduce yourself in csc_redcarpet upon joining.

8)No movie stars that were generally famous in 1970 or after will be accepted. Remember, this is a classic movie star RPG.

9)You can befriend any of the RPG Journal characters you wish and comment in their journal as your character.

10)You must stay in character at all times while using your RPG Journal name.

11)You can make any type of layout you wish for your RPG journal-just make sure it ties in with your character.

12)Post in one of the communities at least once every every month to let the moderators know you're somewhat active.

13)You must copy and paste the code in the text box below and post it either in your journal, your userinfo, or both. It helps spread the word and promote the community. If you'd like to promote anywhere else, feel free to do so! However, only promote in communities that accept it. I don't want people freaking out on you for promoting lol.

The Classic Star Cafe Communities
csc_adoption-Don't want your classic star journal anymore? Post the info here. New memebrs should also check here for claims that have been unclaimed.
csc_pending-This is where you will be moved once you have made your claim in this community, and where your RPG journal will be accepted by a moderator.
csc_redcarpet-Once you have made your RPG journal and it has been accepted by a moderator, this is where you introduce yourself to other classic stars on the red carpet.
csc_oscars-After posting in the red carpet, you may allow yourself to enter the Oscars! Here you may discuss Oscars wins and anything that may concern the Oscars.
csc_help-This is where you post if you have any questions concerning the RPG of The Classic Star Cafe.
csc_swingers-This is where you can discuss your favorite bands and musicians of the 30s, 40s and 50s as your RPG self.
csc_suggestions-Have a suggestion for the RPG game? Post it here!
the_mgm_lot-Want to know what's going on around the movie lots? Come here! Gossip, dish out the news, discuss movies, etc.
csc_evenings-Looking for a place to show off your creative writing? Post your story here! Each month RPG members can post their "evening" stories as their RPG self, and can be eligible for Best RPG Evening Story of the Month.
csc_stills-Post pictures of your RPG self and "friends" here!
csc_aim-Make up an RPG AIM name and post it here to chat with your RPG friends and to join the "party" chat. Also post funny conversations with your RPG friends.

If you're looking for a list of RPG journals, please consult the Member List.

If you are looking for a pending member list, please consult the Pending Member List

If you have any questions, feel free to post in csc_help or consulting any one of the moderators



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